Monday, May 20, 2013

Grad Cap Announcements

Graduation time!  And the grad cap says CONGRATS in a big way!  There are various versions of the grad cap card, but this one is easy with no extra trimming.  I cut the white cardstock to 8"x8" and scored side to side at 4", then again the other side to side at 4", and once diagonally.  Tuck the diagonal corners in and crease on all score marks.

The tassel is easier to make than it looks!  I found instructions online that are pretty close to what I did (see below). I also painted all my brads to match the blue cardstock.

Supply List for Decorative Tassel
  • Piece of cardboard about the same length you want the tassel to be. Try an index card or small postcard.
  • Yarn, embroidery floss, pearl cotton, or ribbon.
  • (Optional). Contrasting colored yarn, thread, or ribbon for binding the tassel.
  • Scissors.
Step-by-Step Instructions for Making a Decorative Tassel
  1. Wind the yarn around and around the cardboard. The more you wind, the thicker the tassel will be. Cut when you reach the desired thickness.
  2. Cut another short length of yarn and slip it under the looped yarn, then tie in a loose knot.
  3. Cut through the yarn on the other end of the cardboard and remove the cardboard. You should have a tuft of yarn, gathered on one end, that looks something like a mop.
  4. Cut another length of yarn about 24" to wind around the tassel. For very thick tassels, cut a longer length of winding yarn. This yarn can be the same as the tassel or in a contrasting color to add visual interest. For a different look, you could try using floss or ribbon to bind a yarn tassel.
  5. Make a loop in one end of the winding yarn and hold the loop against the gathered end of the tassel. Starting about a quarter of the way down, wind the yarn around the tassel, leaving the bottom tail of the loop hanging free about 1/2” below the winding area. Wind tightly, moving toward the top of the tassel as you go, until you only have a short length left to wind. Make sure to leave the yarn loop free on top and the tail of the loop below.
  6. Thread the free end of the winding yarn through the loop, then pull the tail of the loop down under the wound area until the loop and the loose end of the winding yarn are hidden by the wound yarn. Trim the tail, if needed.
  7. Trim the bottom ends of the tassel. Remove the loose loop that held the gathered end together.
  8. Attach the tassel to your project by stitching with yarn or embroidery floss.  I attached mine under the brad.

All supplies are Stampin' Up! unless otherwise noted

Card Recipe
Stamps:  Dot Invitation (retired), scroll (PSX)
Ink:  Basic Black, Brilliant Blue and Real Red markers
Paper:  Brilliant Blue, Real Red, Whisper White
Extras:  Blender pen, embroidery floss, brads
Inspired by:  my friend Gina!

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