Saturday, July 13, 2013

Saturday Morning Videos: Kissing Technique

Good morning and welcome to Saturday Morning Cartoons Videos!  Have you ever heard of the kissing technique?

We're not talking about the technique with your sweetie—we're talking about the one with stamps! Check out this sample featured in this video, see how the butterflies have an extra texture? It's the beautiful product of two stamps getting together! 

Click on the Pic . . .


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And in the other sample, see how the hearts have the crisscross design? It's so easy, here's how you do it: (We're using clear mount because it's a little easier to see.) You will need one bold image and one patterned image. Ink up the bold image and then "kiss" the un-inked patterned stamp to the bold ink image. The un-inked stamp will pick up some of the color leaving you with a delightful texture.

I hope you give (stamp) kissing a try!  And thanks for watching cartoons videos with me today!  If you're in the mood for cartoon video reruns, check out my Videos page!

~Hugs~   Cheryl O.    J
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