Friday, April 5, 2013

Stampin' Friends & Shoebox Swaps

Every month on a Sunday afternoon - for years now! - I get together with a group of dear friends to shoebox swap!  What is a Shoebox Swap, you may ask?  Well, we each make a card sample and then pack a shoebox with the supplies and tools needed to make our sample card - and bring it along to share with everyone else.  We spend the time making each other's 'card kits' and chatting the afternoon away.

I wanted to share a couple swaps with you today - and more in future posts!  These cards are by the incomparable Shirley Guzzi and Sue Schmidt!

by Shirley Guzzi

My first attempt at using Copic markers! This could be addicting...

by Sue Schmidt

Paper piercing and embossing add SO much to a card!

And here's my shoebox swap ~ Treat Tubes!

Once I got used to the idea of giving up my Sunday afternoon nap once in a while and stamping with these chicks, I've never quit.  I love my time with them - I am always inspired, encouraged and refreshed by being together.

I encourage you to find a few stampin' friends and get together soon - you'll be glad you did!

Thanks for stopping by today!

~Hugs~   Cheryl O.    J

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