Thursday, September 4, 2014

Butterflies and Back to School . . .

So are you wondering what on earth butterflies and 'back to school' have to do with each other?!  Well, as I was thinking of butterflies lately - those developing in the Butterfly House at the Minnesota State Fair, those I see outdoors, and of course the butterflies I create - I also thought of the new life that butterflies symbolize.  New life comes at any point of change - even at 'back to school' time!  A new school year is an opportunity to grow and change - to have a chance at the new life that comes with new experiences and challenges.  And just as for the butterfly, change for us often comes with a price - the price of difficult circumstances and challenging situations.  But the beauty that results from rising to that challenge, growing, and changing . . . it is worth it all!  Contemplate today the butterfly - and the beautiful changes that can happen in your life as you face each day with Strength, Courage, and Peace.  Here are a few cards to remind you . . .

Card made at a DOstampers STARS Shoebox Swap night.

Card made by DOstamper STAR Heidi Vinkemeier for a Shoebox Swap night.

Swap card received from Robin Anderson at the Catalog Premiere Swap in April, 2014.

Swap card received from another swapper at the Catalog Premiere Swap in April, 2014.

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