Saturday, November 16, 2013

Saturday Morning Videos: Washi Tape and Tape It Stamp Set

Good morning and welcome to Saturday Morning Cartoons Videos!  I love our new Washi Tape! They are so cute! I also love our new Tape It stamp set. Now you can have not only the traditional Washi Tape but you can also have "tape" that's versatile in a different way. Take a look . . .

Click on the Pic . . .
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These are a couple of projects made using Tape It and our new in colors. As you can see you can layer these and create all kinds of fun and eclectic looks. You can also stamp on vellum, cut it out and it also creates a faux tape. You can also stamp it on cardstock and cut it out to look like Washi Tape. Another fun idea is to use patterns from other stamp sets and create Washi Tape that way as well.

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And thanks for watching cartoons videos with me today!  If you're in the mood for cartoon video reruns, check out my Videos page!

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